A sense of security is important to every apartment dweller, home resident or commercial location. At NuArrow we work hard to fit your precise requirements for designing an automatic gate systems that fits your property and your goals. We also offer reliable technical assistance, maintenance and service. NuArrow Fence, has vast experience in installing and servicing auto gates and can design a system that best suits your needs and your particular type of property. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation.


We offer:

  • Numeric keypad
  • Remote control transmitting devices
  • Card readers
  • Key systems


Gate System FAQ’s


What you should know about Automatic Gate Openers:

Loops are used to stop or reverse a moving gate to allow exit or entrance to a site. If the gate is closing as the vehicle reaches the loop area, the gate reverses to the open position and the timer automatically resets.

Photo eyes safety device for your gate opener that prevents the gate from closing when an obstruction is in the path of the beams.

Reversing devices automatically reverse when the gate comes into contact with an immovable object.