Wood fences are among the most beautiful options for their visual appeal. They offer the ultimate in performance and style. For the natural look, NuArrow recommends top-grade western red cedar fencing for privacy, semiprivate, and picket. With this durable material, your imagination is the only style limit! Western red cedar doesn’t shrink or warp like pine does. It has a straight grain which produces a higher quality board without many defects or discolorations. Cedar fence has a naturally occurring substance called Tannin which protects it from insects, pests, and decay which is why cedar doesn’t need to be treated like pine fence. Extremely sturdy, this soft wood can last 20+ years and will naturally fade into a silver color over time.


Wood Fence FAQ’s

What you should know about western red cedar:


Clear boards and #1 gradeThis is the highest bevel grade. Pieces have a smooth face of decay-resistant heartwood and are free from growth characteristics that affect appearance or performance. Pieces have excellent dimensional stability and hold finishes exceptionally well. Clear is the highest quality product available. It will be free of defects creating a very clean and uniform look. Knots are not permitted in this grade. #1-2F (#1-2 Face) will have tight sound knots with little defect. It is the highest quality board produced in which knots are allowed. Cap and trim, battens- a vertical design created using wide clear or knotty cedar boards.Split rail fence Cedar split rail fence is very rustic in appearance.Custom wood gates – Peep hole and scroll top cedar gates can be built to any size and can come in different opening styles including swing, double swing, sliding and cantilever. Depending on your needs we can customize the gate to ensure easy operation to get in and out with any vehicle or equipment you might have.Dumpster gates Cedar offers a sturdy and attractive option for a Dumpster gate. It offers opacity and an attractive option for security and property appearance.Pipe frame gates Post on Pipe allows you to enjoy the natural beauty and texture of wood without fear of post deterioration. Each cedar post is mounted on a Schedule 40 pipe. (Schedule 40 is rated to withstand no less than 140 psi.) Finally, the cedar post and pipe are connected using a heavy-duty carriage bolt. This provides excellent stability, yet allows for easy replacement in the event of accidental damage.