Wood fences provide excellent visual barriers and block out any excessive noise and, depending on the style you choose, can also provide privacy. This durable and beautiful material provides optimum value. We cover all wood fence and gate needs from system design to construction and repair. Wood fences will weather to a soft silver gray and provide you with long lasting beauty. We use high-grade boards, which have few knots and are more resistant to discoloration. The potential protection and privacy provided by wood, along with its natural beauty, make it one of the most desirable fence materials for both residential and commercial use.

A wood fence conjures nostalgia in us. Something in the fragrance and the patterns caught in each plank has seared them in our hearts. More than simple beauty, wood offers great performance and classic style. For a natural look, Arrow Fence & Supply recommends top-grade western red cedar fencing for privacy, semiprivate, and picket fences. Extremely sturdy, this soft wood can last more than twenty years. Western red cedar doesn’t shrink or warp. Its straight grain produces a higher quality board lacking in discoloration or defects. Perfect for a six-foot fence to secure your home or an ornamental picket to enhance the exterior of your business, it’s an exceptional material. No matter what boards you choose, we’ll make the mark. With a large selection of wood grades and design options, Arrow Fence & Supply will construct a wood fence or gate to perfectly fit you and your budget.

Chain Link

Chain link is a perennial fence material. This durable material is a great value. With ample visibility, chain link provides reliable perimeter protection for both commercial and residential property. We cover all chain link fence and gate needs from system design to construction and repair. Chain link is available in a variety of options including vinyl-coated chain link that softens the effects of shiny steel. For protection and privacy, add vinyl slats, available in a variety of colors, and providing 90-95% coverage.

Chain link is an efficient and economical choice to protect your property, family or customers. Lining the perimeter of your local office or baseball park, chain link fences are quite a common choice to establish barriers. Chain link has been around for a long time. Galvanized chain link fabric was developed shortly after barbed wire to protect cattle from men building railroads across the West over a century ago. Today’s chain link fences offer more variety, value, and durability than ever. Whether your project calls for a large perimeter fence or a small outdoor dog kennel, Arrow Fence & Supply will tailor your fence system to your specific needs.


Vinyl fences are modern and dependable material. A vinyl fence is a type of plastic fence made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) guaranteed to provide the same protection and privacy as other fence materials. An easy-care alternative to more traditional fences, it offers unparalleled durability and performance A vinyl fence will not warp, rot, split or blister. It’s up to five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood fencing. Vinyl does not rust, chip, peel or corrode. The fence is guaranteed to be free from fading and discoloration when exposed to the sun.

Our vinyl fences come in a variety of color and style options, including woodgrain. A vinyl fence is a mark of efficiency and progress. Count on Arrow Fence Co. to design and install a fence perfectly suited for your individual needs.


Steel and aluminum are durable metals that offer many attractive style options. The metal provides the distinctive look of a wrought iron fence but with none of the maintenance demanded by one. Enhance your commercial or residential property with a spectacular ornamental fence design. Beautiful and elegant, ornamental fencing not only offers you an impressive look but is strong, durable and secure.

Ornamental fencing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fencing industry. Arrow Fence Co. can accommodate many different styles and will design your fence to meet your specific needs. Our ornamental steel and aluminum fencing is designed with long-term durability in mind and their superior construction guarantees years of maintenance-free service and value. Depend on Arrow Fence Co. to design and install a unique fence suited to your specifications.

Automated Gates

Automated gates guarantee security while providing convenience upon exit and entry of your home or commercial property. Our staff is experienced in both servicing and installing automated gates. We can install an automated gate along with an entire fence system or integrate one into your already existing fence system. We work with manufacturers of automated gate operators, such as Bufftech, Doorking, Hy Security and FAAC resellers.

We offer a wide array of automated gate products, including numeric keypads, remote control transmission devices, card readers, key systems and more. Whether you need an automated gate repaired, replaced or installed, we will precisely fit your requirements and property goals. Arrow Fence Co. will provide the perimeter entryway solution that is right for you and at a price that is too.



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